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5 Unusual Ways of Losing Weight that Don’t Cost Anything

So I recently bought a new book that is by the legendary Tim Ferriss. You may know him from the 4 hour work week and 4 hour body.
I’ve had the 4 hour body in my possession for a long time (even got the early bird autographed version). But I finally was able to read a large section of it and a lot of the items were about weight loss and he had a few tips.

Eat Smaller Portions

Pretty easy win here. Just put less on your plate so less goes into your mouth.
A lot of the regular diets will tell you to eat smaller portions, but a different way is to (well eat less) but also spread your meals during the course of the day. So you have about 4 or 5 meals every day with a few hours in between.

The reason for this is that your body will continue to burn the food and not store it as “fat”. Hence you will have less after a while when eating more spread out. This is one of the very common tricks or easy methods to get started

Chew Your Food More

A famous blogger lost a significant amount of weight by one simple trick.

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A Runners Guide to Running

I just came across this image on Facebook and thought it would be a cool thing to share with you guys.
Have a look and let me know if you agree 😉




How To Recover after a Running Injury

Running Injury RecoveryGetting back into running after injury can present some challenges. Before you can start running again, you should first and foremost appreciate every mile. Therefore, do not try to run many miles as you try to make a comeback as this will only make your running injuries worse. Below are more useful tips that will help you get back in shape within no time. 

The moment you get approval to run again, remember to slow things down. Be patient and takes thing slow. Gradually increase running distance and the time. Some runners tend to forget about the vital rehab exercises and physical therapy sessions. To prevent injuries from recurring, take the necessary preventative care. Running Injuries can take a very long time to heal as want to get back into running so take it slow. 

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Nike Run Club Sydney and Pat Farmer

Ralph and PatI’ve written a few articles about Pat Farmer here on the MyRun website but I just can’t help writing another one about this amazing legend.
You may have seen him on the news quite a bit during his 24,000 km run from the North to the South Pole to raise money for the Red Cross

Well he was in Sydney this Monday (the 26th of Nov) at the Nike Run Club to run along with the crowd.

He gave a speech before the run telling us that he felt it was great to have everybody here and we are all being active and just putting in the work to make a change. It was such a nice speech and I felt that everybody enjoyed him to be there.

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